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    Satyr Registered Partnership is a direct and licensed distributor of floor coverings. The company was founded in Łomża and has been operating continuously since 1990. We have our offices in Białystok, too.   

  In this period we have established a significant position as a solid and reliable partner in our trade and we have won the recognition of clients as well as deliverers.

    We have two sale points in Łomża, where we sell floor coverings, wall paper, panels, slats, curtain rails and many other articles of interior decoration.

    To meet our clients’ needs we also run a wholesale department for floor covering. We also have a professional and well qualified instalment team. We install floor coverings in the whole of Poland.

   Thanks to the position we have gained, we cooperate with the best manufacturers of floor coverings, such as Polyflor, Flotex, Chocflex, Burmatex, Coral Bush and Nuway.

    We distribute construction materials for Kiesel and Uzin.


Main objectives of the company:

-     high quality services

-     constant improvement of our workers’ skills through their participation in professional courses organised by manufacturers of floor coverings and construction chemistry

-     professionalism of our services

-     speedy installations

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